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Captured Moments

Captured Moments is a collection of experimental photographic prints made over two years exploring a process created in collaboration with fellow photographer Bob France. 

Performing actions of layering, processing, enlargement and flattening on to photographic and audio medium, these works demonstrate the practical workings of the digital and analogue technologies used to make them. 

With each transfer from digital to analogue or back, the information deteriorates as the building blocks that make up the digital file are enlarged and amplified by the analogue process.  

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Fracturing 4.jpg
Fracturing the Fabric

Analogue prints on matt fibre paper, 2022


This series of photographic prints has been made by passing a single original digital image between analogue and digital technologies several times and then split into eight. 

The fabric in the original image has been fractured by the hardware of the digital technology and enlarged by the analogue technology to reveal the fabric that the image is made of.

Captured Moments-0482.jpg
A Place that exists 4 web.jpg
A Place That Exists but isn’t Real 

Analogue prints on semi-matt fibre paper, cassette tape loop, 2022


Phone conversation that have been audio and visually recorded using digital technology and then transferred into analogue technologies. 

From happening to record to artefact, blurring the lines between the three.

Captured Moments-0481.jpg
Captured Moments-0480.jpg
Workshop Outcomes

Photograms (left)

A photogram is a simple photographic print made using light sensitive paper and placed objects - like making a collage with light. Simplicity is what allows for such a wide scope of accessible creative interpretation which is clear in this series. This series is a collection of work made by participants during workshops in Gallery FRANK this September. 

Digital to Analogue Printing (right)

An experimental process developed by Maryanne in collaboration with Bob France, digital to analogue printing is a method of creating photographic prints from digital files. 

This process was started because Maryanne wanted to find a more accessible way for people to engage with photographic printing that didn’t require expensive film, specialised cameras and a well knowledge. 

This is a series of prints made in the workshops in Gallery FRANK over September. All the photography is the participants' independent and original work, Maryanne guided to create the prints in the darkroom.

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